The Camp House

A weekly podcast exploring the culture and community of Chattanooga.

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    The End of Innovation with Dr. Greg Thompson

    What is the end of innovation? Why do we even innovate to begin with and how will we know if we are successful in such an endeavor? Dr. Greg Thompson seeks to pull our imaginations to the deeper questions of why innovation will matter for our communities in the 21st century.

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    Meet Your New Police Chief David Roddy

    In this episode we have the privilege of introducing you to new Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy. In many ways this conversation is a continuation of my conversation with his predecessor, former Chief Fred Fletcher. We discuss the process of looking for a new Chief, the department's work to recruit a more diverse force, and continue the conversation on community policing in Chattanooga.

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    The Company Lab with Marcus Shaw

    Marcus Shaw is the new Executive Director of The Company Lab, or as it is more commonly known, the Co Lab. The Co Lab has been at the center of Chattanooga entrepreneurial ecosystem for years now and in this episode we learn more about the role they play within our community. Along the way we get to know new leader Marcus Shaw, discuss the importance of diversity for innovation, and the vision of Co Lab moving forward as it continues to grow alongside Chattanooga's innovation economy.

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    Ed Johnson Memorial with Eleanor McCallie Cooper & LaFrederick Thirkill

    Ed Johnson was the last African American man to be lynched on Walnut Street bridge in 1906. His story is a tragedy and one of the darkest moments in Chattanooga's history. Today, a group of citizens are working to honor his legacy and remember his story by creating a memorial at the south end of the bridge with the hope that it will bring conversation and reconciliation in our community. My guests, Eleanor McCallie Cooper and LaFrederick Thirkill, are two of the committee members working to bring this memorial to life.

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    Leading Our Schools with Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson

    Dr. Bryan Johnson is the new Superintendent of Hamilton County Schools. In this episode we discuss the challenges and opportunities of one of our most critical public institutions and by the end of the conversation it is clear that Dr. Johnson is a leader ready to go to work for the teachers, families, and children of Hamilton County.

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    Levitt Amp Concert Series Preview with Shane Morrow

    The Levitt Amp Concert Series is coming to Chattanooga this fall! The series will begin on August 24th and take place every Thursday through October on the Bessie Smith Lawn. My guest, Shane Morrow, shares the vision behind bringing this series to Chattanooga as well as preview the diverse line up.

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    Glass House Collective with Teal Thibaud

    While we have talked about Glass House Collective events on the podcast before, we have never really heard their story. In this episode we sit down with Executive Director Teal Thibaud about how it all began and the important lessons on community development that they have learned along the way.

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    Causeway Challenge VI with Abby Garrison

    "How can we use creativity to increase civic engagement?" That is the latest Causeway Challenge question! In this episode we sit down with Causeway's Abby Garrison to discuss this challenge as well as their previous challenges and the impact they have had on our community.

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    Meet Your New City Council: District 7's Erskine Oglesby

    Our final episode in this special series introducing you to Chattanooga's newly elected City Council members features District 7's Erskine Oglesby. Councilman Oglesby has an extensive professional background across multiple sectors but, in the end, service is the virtuous thread that ties it all together and led him to run for Chattanooga’s City Council.

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    Fund Hamilton County's Future! with UnifiEd's Jonas Barriere & Natalie Cook

    In this episode we introduce you to local education organization UnifiEd and continue the conversation on the (lack of) funding for our Hamilton County Department of Education. Our guests include UnifiEd's Executive Director Jonas Barriere and Communications Director Natalie Cook.

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    Meet Your New City Council: District 8's Anthony Byrd

    Part three of our series introducing you to Chattanooga's newly elected city council members features District 8's Anthony Byrd. In this episode Anthony shares his experience growing up in east Chattanooga, singing in a boy band with Usher, the influence of his parents in shaping the person he has become, and the incredible diversity of The Amazing 8!

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    Meet Your New City Council: District 9's Demetrus Coonrod

    Our series interviewing Chattanooga's new City Council members continues with District 9's Demetrus Coonrod. Councilwoman Coonrod tells her story from poverty to prison to now one of our city's most exciting public officials!

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    A Budget For Our Children with HCDE School Board's Tiffanie Robinson

    Last week Hamilton County Department of Education School Board passed a budget to send on to the Hamilton County Commission, but they did so along with a significant request. In this interview with the School Board's Finance Chairwoman Tiffanie Robinson we break down that request as well as discuss a couple other initiatives that will hopefully help move public education forward in Hamilton County.

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    Protecting Our Children with Kristen Pavlik McCallie

    Kristen Pavlik McCallie is the interim Director of the Children's Advocacy Center of Hamilton County, a non-profit organization housed in the new Family Justice Center that serves and protects some of our community's most vulnerable - children who have suffered abuse.

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    Jazzanooga with Shane Morrow

    April is jazz appreciation month and to celebrate we sit down with Shane Morrow to learn more about Jazzanooga and preview their annual month long jazz festival!

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    Songbirds Guitar Museum with Johnny Smith

    The Songbirds Guitar Museum is the most exclusive collection of private guitars in the world. And it is right here in Chattanooga. Johnny Smith, the museums President & CEO, comes by to discuss Chattanooga's newest cultural and entertainment centerpiece.

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    Tech Goes Home with Kelly McCarthy

    Kelly McCarthy is the Program Director of Tech Goes Home Chattanooga, an organization on a mission to bridge the digital divide and equip people in our community with digital literacy skills necessary for the 21st century.

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    Dialogues Chattanooga with Robert Winslow

    Dialogues Chattanooga is asking the big questions about the future of Chattanooga. In this episode we sit down with local documentary creator Robert Winslow to explore these questions and the series he has created to explore them.

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    The Legacy of the Big Nine - Part 2

    The second half of our live event, The Legacy of the Big Nine, featuring City Councilman Moses Freeman, Bessie Smith Cultural Center's Dionne Jennings, Jazzanooga's Shane Morrow, and local writer Charlie Moss.

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    The Legacy of the Big Nine - Part 1

    The Legacy of the Big Nine was our first live podcast event recorded on February 20th. This first half of the event discusses the establishment and growth of the Big Nine up to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s & 60s. Our guests for the panel included City Councilman Moses Freeman, Bessie Smith Cultural Center's Dionne Jennings, Jazzanooga's Shane Morrow, & writer Charlie Moss.

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    Purposity with Blake Canterbury & Eric Brown

    Purposity is a new, innovative organization seeking to connect you to the needs of children and others in our community in the simplest way possible. In this episode we are joined by founder Blake Canterbury and Whiteboard's Eric Brown.

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    Investing In A Local Economy with Andrew Kean

    Combining experiences in both the private and public sector, Andrew Kean's perspective on citizenship and local economy has led him, and a trio of friends, to create a new type of investment firm, Alderman Holdings, focused on investing in existing local small businesses.

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    Lamp Post Group with Ted Alling

    Ted Alling comes on the podcast to share the story of the Lamp Post Group. In the midst of our conversation we end up discussing leadership, community, and giving back.

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    Chattanooga FC with Sean McDaniel

    General Manager Sean McDaniel shares the story of the Chattanooga Football Club and some exciting announcements to kick off 2017!

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    End Modern Slavery Initiative with U.S. Senator Bob Corker

    In December Congress passed the End Modern Slavery Initiative, an enormous step in the fight to end modern slavery around the world. The initiative's author and primary champion was our very own U.S. Senator Bob Corker.

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    What is The Camp House? with Matt Busby - Part 2

    For this special episode we have turned the tables! Guest host Abby Garrison sits down with Matt Busby, this time to interview him on The Camp House and the Mission Chattanooga. (Part 2 of 2)

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    What is The Camp House? with Matt Busby - Part 1

    For this special episode we have turned the tables! Guest host Abby Garrison sits down with Matt Busby, this time to interview him on The Camp House and the Mission Chattanooga. (Part 1 of 2)

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    J.A. Henry YMCA with Bill Rush

    The J.A. Henry Community YMCA is a unique, decentralized YMCA branch located in nearly every neighborhood in Chattanooga. Learn more in about how this branch is receiving national recognition in this interview with Executive Director Bill Rush.

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    THRIVE 2055 Part 2 with Bridgett Massengill

    The second half of our conversation with Bridgett Massengill on THRIVE 2055 focuses on the four initiatives that came out of their community surveys: Economic Development, Education, Transportation, & Natural Treasures.

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    River City Company with Kim White

    The River City Company is an advocate for a healthy and vibrant downtown Chattanooga. In this episode, we talk with River City Company President & CEO, Kim White, about their role and history in our city.

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    The Blue Trees with Konstantin Dimopoulos & Katelyn Kirnie

    The Blue Trees are a new art installation throughout Chattanooga created by artist Konstantin Dimopoulos. In this episode we talk with Konstantin and Public Art Chattanooga's Katelyn Kirnie about Blue Trees, conservation, and the significance of public art.

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    Office of Multicultural Affairs with James McKissic

    James McKissic is the Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs for the City of Chattanooga. The office was created to cultivate an environment of understanding, respect and equality of rights for the diverse cultural populations of Chattanooga.

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    LAUNCH with Hal Bowling

    Hal Bowling is a co-founder of LAUNCH, an organization with a mission to empower underserved communities and individuals through entrepreneurship.

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    Community Policing with Police Chief Fred Fletcher

    Chief Fred Fletcher discusses the Chattanooga Police Department's vision for community policing and the programs and departments that have been initiated in the past three years.

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    ...There's a Way - Causeway with Abby Garrison Part 2

    The second half of our conversation with Causeway Executive Director Abby Garrison focused on their unique programming that empowers the community to solve challenges and make Chattanooga a better city.

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    Where There's A Cause... Causeway with Abby Garrison Part 1

    The first half of our conversation with Abby Garrison about one of the most interesting and progressive non-profits in Chattanooga: Causeway. This episode focuses on the story and vision of Causeway. Thursday's episode will examine the programming and specifically the Causeway Challenge.

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    StartUp Week Preview with Stephanie Hays

    StartUp Week Chattanooga is bigger & better than ever! To talk through this year's event I sat down with Lamp Post Group's Stephanie Hays to preview SOME of this year's 175 events happening Oct 3-7th.

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    Glass Street LIVE Event Preview

    This is a special episode previewing the Glass Street LIVE parade & block party on Saturday, September 24th!

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    TechTown with Cordell Carter

    TechTown is a new technology center right here in Chattanooga shaping, inspiring, and giving hope to the youth of Chattanooga.

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    Teacherpreneur with Geoff Millener & Kelsey Huynh

    Teacherpreneur is a program to empower teachers to solve the biggest challenges they face in their classrooms and schools. In today's podcast we learn more about the program from Public Education Foundation's Geoff Millener & this year's Teacherpreneur pitch night winner, Kelsey Huynh.

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    Passageways with River City Company's Amy Donahue

    How do we bring life back into the forgotten spaces of our urban landscape? In this episode we preview the Passageways project created by River City Company and AIA Tennessee to transform our alleyways into public spaces.

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    Living The Dream with Christian Rushing

    Ask Christian Rushing how he is doing and I can promise you he will say "Living the dream"! Despite having a terminal diagnosis, Christian is one of the most radiant people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. Join us for a conversation on life, family, and living with the reality of cancer.

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    Urban Design with Christian Rushing

    Christian Rushing is an urban planner/designer exploring the ways in which our public spaces shape our experience in cities. Today we talk about Urban Design in Chattanooga.

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    Chattanooga 2.0 with Jared Bigham Part 2

    The second half of our conversation with Jared Bigham discussing Chattanooga 2.0. In this episode we tackle more of the statistics and the specific challenges highlighted by Chattanooga 2.0.

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    Chattanooga 2.0 with Jared Bigham Part 1

    Education is an important topic for Chattanooga & Hamilton County. Our first episode explores Chattanooga 2.0, a reform movement that has been surveying our cradle-to-career education landscape since the beginning of 2016.

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    Episode Zero - Welcome

    A brief introduction of the new Camp House Podcast and a preview of our first episode.

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