The Camp House

A weekly podcast exploring the culture and community of Chattanooga.

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    Tech Goes Home with Kelly McCarthy

    Kelly McCarthy is the Program Director of Tech Goes Home Chattanooga, an organization on a mission to bridge the digital divide and equip people in our community with digital literacy skills necessary for the 21st century.

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    Dialogues Chattanooga with Robert Winslow

    Dialogues Chattanooga is asking the big questions about the future of Chattanooga. In this episode we sit down with local documentary creator Robert Winslow to explore these questions and the series he has created to explore them.

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    The Legacy of the Big Nine - Part 2

    The second half of our live event, The Legacy of the Big Nine, featuring City Councilman Moses Freeman, Bessie Smith Cultural Center's Dionne Jennings, Jazzanooga's Shane Morrow, and local writer Charlie Moss.

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    The Legacy of the Big Nine - Part 1

    The Legacy of the Big Nine was our first live podcast event recorded on February 20th. This first half of the event discusses the establishment and growth of the Big Nine up to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s & 60s. Our guests for the panel included City Councilman Moses Freeman, Bessie Smith Cultural Center's Dionne Jennings, Jazzanooga's Shane Morrow, & writer Charlie Moss.

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    Purposity with Blake Canterbury & Eric Brown

    Purposity is a new, innovative organization seeking to connect you to the needs of children and others in our community in the simplest way possible. In this episode we are joined by founder Blake Canterbury and Whiteboard's Eric Brown.

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    Investing In A Local Economy with Andrew Kean

    Combining experiences in both the private and public sector, Andrew Kean's perspective on citizenship and local economy has led him, and a trio of friends, to create a new type of investment firm, Alderman Holdings, focused on investing in existing local small businesses.

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    Lamp Post Group with Ted Alling

    Ted Alling comes on the podcast to share the story of the Lamp Post Group. In the midst of our conversation we end up discussing leadership, community, and giving back.

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    Chattanooga FC with Sean McDaniel

    General Manager Sean McDaniel shares the story of the Chattanooga Football Club and some exciting announcements to kick off 2017!

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