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A weekly podcast exploring the culture and community of Chattanooga.

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    Bike To Work Day 2018

    Bike To Work Day 2018 was on May 18th and GreenTrips Chattanooga hosted a panel discussion that our host, Matt Busby, had the pleasure to moderate. Our panelists include Mayor Andy Berke, Councilman Erskine Oglesby, Director of Community Development Donna Williams, and MLK Neighborhood Association Board Member Chris Lykins.

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    Innovation District Framework Plan with Mary Stargel & Toyin Lanade

    Back in March, the Enterprise Center unveiled the next phase of Chattanooga's Innovation District with a Framework Plan. The plan is more than just a framework for development, it also reveals the values of the district and the strategies to take the ID to the next level. We are joined by the Enterprise Center's Mary Stargel, Director of Programs, and Toyin Lanade, Marketing & Communications Director.

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    Chattanooga Design Studio - Part 1

    The Chattanooga Design Studio believes that we can make Chattanooga a great place to live for everyone through excellent urban design. In this conversation I am joined by the Studio's Eric Myers, Lindsey Willke, and Sally Morrow. In the first half of our conversation we discuss what urban design is and its importance for creating thriving communities. We also discuss a range of their work, both past and present. The second episode, to be released next week, focuses on their recently released framework plan for the South Broad District.

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    Homelessness in Chattanooga with Sam Wolfe

    Sam Wolfe is the Homeless Program Coordinator for the city of Chattanooga. In this episode we discuss the state of homelessness in our city, the dignity of all our citizens, and introduce a new initiative to serve the most vulnerable in our community.

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    April is for (Public) Art with Katelyn Kirnie

    Public Art Chattanooga has been responsible for some of the largest and most beautiful projects in our city over the past few years. Katelyn Kirnie is the Director of Public Art Chattanooga and in this episode shares some of the exciting projects coming up in the next few weeks and also announce Art Burst, Chattanooga's city wide explosion of color in April.

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    APEX Project with Unifi-Ed

    The APEX Project is the latest initiative of Unifi-Ed that seeks to engage the community and pull everyone into the conversation on public education. Over the past six months they have been engaging and listening to the community and the result is the APEX Policy Platform, a synthesis of the ten most popular solutions to improve our community and our public education system. Joining us to discuss the results of the APEX Project are Unifi-Ed’s Alexa LeBeouf and Ashley Conrad as well as APEX steering committee members Samantha Boucher and Cary Garrett.

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    Curbing Predatory Lending with Metro Ideas Project

    Metro Ideas Project is a local policy think tank that is focused on the challenges of mid-sized cities. Their Executive Director, Joda Thongnopnua, joins us to discuss their latest research project exploring the challenges that communities face when dealing with predatory lenders.

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    Living The Dream with Christian Rushing (Rerelease)

    Today's episode is a rerelease of one of our first episodes with Christian Rushing, one of the most radiant individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Christian passed away a year ago today, February 1, 2017, and today's rerelease is to honor a man whose life, joy, and wisdom we should never forget.

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